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DC Universe Online (PC) 1500 Station Cash

DCUO Game CardThis code can be used for either 1500 Station Cash in DC Universe Online (PC Edition) or as a 30 day game card.

1500 Station Cash

This Game Card can be redeemed for 1500 Station Cash in any of the following games:
  • DC Universe Online (PC version)
  • EverQuest II Extended
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
  • Free Realms (PC and Mac version)
  • EverQuest II
  • EverQuest
  • Magic: The Gathering Tactics
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea
  • PoxNora

Usage Instructions

How to Use Your Game Card
Here are the instructions for consuming ANY of our pre-paid game cards, regardless of game:

1. Access any SOE website in a browser (such as http://www.station.sony.com ).
2. Select “Enter Activation Code” from the Account menu.
3. Log in with the Station Username and Password for the account on which you wish to activate the game card. Click “Continue”.
4. In the “Game” drop-down, select the game you wish to apply the game card towards.
5. In the “Activation Code” field, enter the code printed on the game card.
Check the “This is a pre-paid card” checkbox.
Click “Continue”.