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All About Reward Points

What are reward Points?
Simply put reward Points are points that you can earn for buying items at, sharing products and links with your friends either by email or on social networking sites, when those people buy items at   
What Can I do with reward Points?
Once you have earned reward Points you can come back to GameTimeZone and spent them like you would cash or a discount code toward your next purchase.    If you've earned enough points that purchase can even be completely free! 
How Can I see how many points I have?
You can see how many points you have on your Account Dashboard where there is a link on the left sidebar to your "My Rewards" summary.   This will show you your past rewards transaction history as well as your current balance of points.  
How many Reward Points do I earn when I shop?
Every $10 you spend on an order earns you 1 reward point.   It's that simple!
What is each Reward Point Worth?
For every 10 Reward Points you earn, you earn $1 in store credit at   Reward points have no cash value other than for store credit.
Are there other ways to earn Reward Points?
Yes!   You can also earn 5 Reward Points every time a new customer you refer to us buys off of out site!